About Vapir Inc:  
In 1997 Vapir, Inc., was established to create the ultimate portable and digital vaporizer. In December of 2001, Vapir, Inc., was incorporated in California. In March of 2002 the Vapir ™ Digital Air™ Vaporizer was introduced to the world.

These vaporizers are the very first of their kind in the world and over the next few years Vapir, Inc., will design, patent, license and market several additional devices into the aromatherapy, smoking cessation, & drug delivery markets.

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Vapir's Mission Statement:  
''At Vapir Inc., our mission is to deliver the ultimate portable digital vaporizer. We are committed to the development, production and perfection of world-class vaporizers at a price point our customers can afford. We intend to revolutionize the fields of aromatherapy and smoking cessation, all while providing best-in-class customer service to our patrons.''